[sf-perl] OSCON impressions

Hilary Holz holz.hilary at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 17:47:46 PDT 2009

> We actually had a visit from Larry Wall at the Perl Mongers booth -- he
> happened to walk up behind Hilary Holz, just as she was complaining about
> the
> perl6 object model (with perl5, since it's not built-in, you decide what

heh. I would have characterized it more as dissing the perl6 object model,
but hey...

I'm still chewing on his comment about them thinking more in terms of Ruby's
object model than Python's when working on moose's object model.

Joe's 'perl code of arms' buttons were a huge hit, became a must-have swag
item. A multi-talented fella, our Joe.

Helping with the booth was a lot of fun, met a number of folks in person I
previously only knew from online, as well as a bunch of new folks. Lots of
interest from local people.

Looking forward to Tuesday!

Hilary J Holz
Agile Technomethodologist
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