[sf-perl] what do you do?

Quinn Weaver quinn at fairpath.com
Wed Feb 18 11:37:23 PST 2009

> 30% UI design and XHTML/CSS
> 5% - 10% Database setup and DDL
> 5% sysadmin
> 20% - 30% jQuery
> 50% Back-end Perl plus SQL or ORM (usually ORM these days)

Bonus to anyone who notices that there's no way to add up these  
numbers and get
100% or less.  You know how contracts tend to expand in scope. :)

But seriously... IRL, I'm meticulous about noting when my clients are  
scope additions, and making sure they're aware of them.  It's amazing  
how often
they're unaware that scope creep is happening... well, I guess that's  
why they
call it creep.  As with UI quality, you have to respect your  
customer's decision,
but make sure they're making it with fully informed consent.

I hold that this is as important in the FTE world as the contract  
world.  Good
communication is the most important part of a working relationship.   
matter how good your tech skills are, if you lack communication,  
you're not
doing your job.

Quinn Weaver
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