[sf-perl] what do you do?

Quinn Weaver quinn at fairpath.com
Wed Feb 18 11:26:16 PST 2009

I do whatever my contract says to do. :) --mostly web programming and  
services.  Just about 75% web programming and 25% web services.

One interesting trend I've noticed with Perl web contracts these days
is that they're almost always for inTRAnet web apps, seldom for
Internet-facing apps.


Sometimes I do 100% Perl back-end programming (for web services).

Sometimes I do a mix of Perl and SQL (or ORM) while my client's
employee does the UI.

Sometimes (my favorite times) I do the whole web app on my own.  Then it
usually boils down to something like:

30% UI design and XHTML/CSS
5% - 10% Database setup and DDL
5% sysadmin
20% - 30% jQuery
50% Back-end Perl plus SQL or ORM (usually ORM these days)

These numbers vary wildly according to requirements.  Some sites need
a lot of JavaScript; some need none.  A few clients demand highly  
UIs; more prefer quick and dirty UIs and fast development times.   
Whatever the
trade-off, I make sure the customer understands the options and gives
informed consent.  Then I deliver what they want.

Thanks for the thought-provoking question.  It was fun to answer.

Quinn Weaver
Full-stack web consultant
510-520-5217 (mobile)

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