[sf-perl] CodeCon (was Re: Parrot talk, BALUG, 4/21 (SF, CA, USA))

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 14 10:01:18 PDT 2009

Bob goolsby <bob.goolsby at gmail.com> wrote:
> Rich Morin <rdm at cfcl.com> wrote:

> > In case anyone is interested, Allison Randal will be talking
> > about Parrot at BALUG on the 21st - http://www.balug.org

> I am among the interested, but I have a scheduling conflict --
> everybody who is doing anything interesting is doing it on Tuesdays.
> Sigh.

I know the feeling.  If I ever organize another geek event it's going to
take place on first prime Wednesdays.

But hearing Allison Randal talk about Parrot is definitely recommended.
You may get some insight into the register-based vs. stack-based VM
issue (I have a feeling that Parrot may turn out to be a bigger deal
than Perl 6).

Also, CodeCon (which is coming up this weekend) has announced a schedule:


Looks like a lot of interesting stuff, though nothing particularly
perl-related this time (but then, whose fault is that, eh?).

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