[sf-perl] [job] Be a Founder at a kickass startup about to go live

Julian Cash j_pm at supersnail.com
Fri Apr 3 10:50:58 PDT 2009

[job] Be a Founder at a kickass startup about to go live

Julian, one of the founders, took these photos:  http://tinyurl.com/perljoy

Several of the key folks who created Perl and MySQL are advising for
the project.  Interest is proving contagious.

We’re looking for a Perl (or JavaScript) coder to join our amazing
founders team and be a part of launching our unique and highly
disruptive site for digital creators.

We’re The Human Creativity Project and we’re busy solving the main
problems for digital creators on the net today. Our initial site is
close to launch and the upcoming features will take all your talent,
brains, and raw coding power to bring to life.  It's the juiciest and
most satisfying kind of coding. Most of the UI front end, database,
and spec backend work is in place. Your code instantly adds features
to a functional system.

If you’re looking for a very cool project where you can flex your Perl
or JavaScript chops and play a big role in changing the world for
digital creators as a member of an A+ founding team, this is it.

We have revolutionary technology, social concepts, and UI concepts.
The site has new ways of collecting and sharing images, video,
writing, and music.

You are a skilled and experienced Perl or JavaScript programmer. You
enjoy crafting beautiful code. You have time and means to work hard
with us on finishing the features needed for the site to go live and
the desire to stay with the project as we grow and thrive together.
Working in the office (in the southern part of San Francisco) is
preferred, but is not required.
You can tell the difference between a good idea and a bad one. You are
willing to work hard on ideas you believe in. You enjoy working with a
team. You are motivated by more than just money. You are honest. You
have integrity. You are dependable. You enjoy being alive.

To date, we’ve only accepted a smidgen of investment and have kept
control of the equity to build the best founding team we can. Most of
the investment has come from the creators of our core Open Source
technologies. As a founder, you’ll be working alongside us for equity
through launch and funding.

If this sounds interesting, email us at jobs at HumanCreativity.com and say "hi".
Learn more at www.HumanCreativity.com

Together we will shake up the world in wonderful ways!

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