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David Fetter david at fetter.org
Sun Nov 16 11:54:35 PST 2008

On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 02:23:31PM -0800, Matthew Lanier wrote:
> Hello Fellow SFPUG members-
> A little over 10 years ago, David Lowe and I started the SFPUG as an  
> experiment to see if a place to discuss perl and related community issues 
> could exist that would be just a little more friendly than  
> comp.lang.perl.misc.  With the help of a few early supporters (rich and  
> vicki brown, david fetter, and some that i've likely forgotten) and the  
> leader of the group for the past 7 years (quinn weaver), we did it!  It's 
> been fun.
> Since then, we're still standing as one of the remaining bay area PUGs  
> (not including other uses of the word PUG that don't mean perl Users  
> Group).  We have a slice of the movers and shakers in the perl community  
> among our ranks, and we have successfully claimed the 4th tuesday of the  
> month as our night ;-).  We've even spun off a group, Rich Brown's Beer  

It's Rich Morin, btw ;)

> and Scripting sig.  We've gotten each other jobs, and answered each  
> others' questions.  We're a member of the perl pantheon along with the  
> other PUGs of the world.
> As you know, Quinn has moved on to concentrate on other things in his  
> life, and he's handed the SFPUG back to me.  For the same reasons that  
> performed the initial handoff to Quinn, though, I am still unable to  
> dedicate the resources to leading the SFPUG that it deserves, as much as  
> I'd like to be able to do so.

If nobody steps up, I can do this.

> It's time for the SFPUG to have a new leader that can take it into the  
> next decade of open source fun.  The job is equal parts fun (getting 
> smart people to present at the meetings, representing at OSCON), 
> administrivia (monitoring a mailing list along with me, the list 
> grandma), and hard work (geting smart people to present at the meetings 
> ;-).  It's perfect for someone looking for a foothold from which a mark 
> can be made on the perl community.  And it's cool to put on your resume.
> I'm giving this process a few months.  If I can find a new leader for the 
> SFPUG, great!  If I can't, then we need to have a frank discussion  
> regarding our future.  Surely there is someone here that is interested in 
> the task.  Ping me back, and lets chat.
> Yours in perl-
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