[sf-perl] [ meta ] Looking for the next round of leadership

Matthew Lanier matt at lanier.org
Fri Nov 14 14:23:31 PST 2008

Hello Fellow SFPUG members-

A little over 10 years ago, David Lowe and I started the SFPUG as an 
experiment to see if a place to discuss perl and related community issues 
could exist that would be just a little more friendly than 
comp.lang.perl.misc.  With the help of a few early supporters (rich and 
vicki brown, david fetter, and some that i've likely forgotten) and the 
leader of the group for the past 7 years (quinn weaver), we did it!  It's 
been fun.

Since then, we're still standing as one of the remaining bay area PUGs 
(not including other uses of the word PUG that don't mean perl Users 
Group).  We have a slice of the movers and shakers in the perl community 
among our ranks, and we have successfully claimed the 4th tuesday of the 
month as our night ;-).  We've even spun off a group, Rich Brown's Beer 
and Scripting sig.  We've gotten each other jobs, and answered each 
others' questions.  We're a member of the perl pantheon along with the 
other PUGs of the world.

As you know, Quinn has moved on to concentrate on other things in his 
life, and he's handed the SFPUG back to me.  For the same reasons that 
performed the initial handoff to Quinn, though, I am still unable to 
dedicate the resources to leading the SFPUG that it deserves, as much as 
I'd like to be able to do so.

It's time for the SFPUG to have a new leader that can take it into the 
next decade of open source fun.  The job is equal parts fun (getting smart 
people to present at the meetings, representing at OSCON), administrivia 
(monitoring a mailing list along with me, the list grandma), and hard work 
(geting smart people to present at the meetings ;-).  It's perfect for 
someone looking for a foothold from which a mark can be made on the perl 
community.  And it's cool to put on your resume.

I'm giving this process a few months.  If I can find a new leader for the 
SFPUG, great!  If I can't, then we need to have a frank discussion 
regarding our future.  Surely there is someone here that is interested in 
the task.  Ping me back, and lets chat.

Yours in perl-



Matthew D. P. K. Strelchun-Lanier
matt at lanier.org

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