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Dear Donald,

Your long, rambling post shows all the hallmarks of the psychotic  
thought disorder. Please seek help from a psychiatrist. You need it.

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On Nov 8, 2008, at 11:08 PM, "donald wilton" <wiltondonald at gmail.com>  

> Donald Wilton
> wiltondonald at gmail.com
> Perlmonger group
> Via the internet
> I am a member of your mailing list. I have decided to learn Perl.  
> This is the logical place to get information on Perl. I have cracked  
> the book. However, I do think that since I'm doing this for a  
> project, that I choose to tell you about it. I have a genetic  
> disorder so while I would prefer to do this myself I could use the  
> help.
> I have a reason for learning Perl. I have slowly pieced together a  
> basic set of semantic values that expand upon the work of Korzybski.  
> He invented the term time binding to define what the verb to be  
> does. His work created the field of cognitive behavioral psychology.  
> This area of psychology is unique in solving mental health problems.  
> While other  mental self help groups have a 10% recovery rate—equiva 
> lent to the ambient recovery rate—cognitive behavioral groups post 7 
> 0%. Yet CBT is based on only one conjugation of the verb to be. I pr 
> opose 10 conjugations. When placed on an XYZ graph, this yields at l 
> east 1000 types of observable insanity.
> Secondly, I have figured out 10 basic building blocks of insanity.  
> Using both on an XYZ graph yields at least  1,000,000 possible  
> combinations useful in investigation of the market.
> I think that I might have the basis of a new financial instrument.  
> I'm looking forward to checking a theory of mine. I think that  
> population pressure causes insanity. Paying off the effect of  
> population pressure is the reason for charity. It can only go so  
> far. My instrument depends on buying put options that pay at 1000 to  
> 1.
> I think that transferring percentage of the put options to a charity  
> that is mathematically the opposite of the problem that made the  
> guarantee of investing successful could pay off all  debts. Normally  
> the average person won't make money since paying the population  
> costs is impossible. If you're targeting the insane and you put  
> enough money into a not for profit, that is the exact opposite—a mat 
> hematically unlikely event—then I suspect that something unique will 
>  happen. I think that the schizophrenics (who make up 16% of the pop 
> ulation in 10 basic kinds) will flip on backwards. I think that this 
>  is the basis of the term "flipping out." This is of such importance 
>  to business that it merits the status of a financial instrument, if 
>  we can do this.
> I am willing to discuss the full details. I am not willing to do  
> this on the list aside from suggestions on how to proceed. If you  
> think that you can do the work and are willing to try, I will talk  
> about the dangers and my intuitions on what is needed to succeed.  
> You can contact me by email. If you leave your phone number, I will  
> call you. I can talk much better than I can write.
> I think that working on my ideas will pay the cost for awhile. No  
> matter what the ideas are as a reflection of our culture, I am  
> considered the same human kin selection as Bill. I might be able to  
> assist in halting some of the evil that we have unleashed to make  
> the poor interested in digital.
> -- 
> I voted for Barak Obama and I hope that it does something meaningful  
> for America!
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