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Donald Wilton

Donald Wilton

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I am a member of your mailing list. I have decided to learn Perl. This is
the logical place to get information on Perl. I have cracked the book.
However, I do think that since I'm doing this for a project, that I choose
to tell you about it. I have a genetic disorder so while I would prefer to
do this myself I could use the help.

I have a reason for learning Perl. I have slowly pieced together a basic set
of semantic values that expand upon the work of Korzybski. He invented the
term time binding to define what the verb to be does. His work created the
field of cognitive behavioral psychology. This area of psychology is unique
in solving mental health problems. While other mental self help groups have
a 10% recovery rate—equivalent to the ambient recovery rate—cognitive
behavioral groups post 70%. Yet CBT is based on only one conjugation of the
verb to be. I propose 10 conjugations. When placed on an XYZ graph, this
yields at least 1000 types of observable insanity.

Secondly, I have figured out 10 basic building blocks of insanity. Using
both on an XYZ graph yields at least 1,000,000 possible combinations useful
in investigation of the market.

I think that I might have the basis of a new financial instrument. I'm
looking forward to checking a theory of mine. I think that population
pressure causes insanity. Paying off the effect of population pressure is
the reason for charity. It can only go so far. My instrument depends on
buying put options that pay at 1000 to 1.

I think that transferring percentage of the put options to a charity that is
mathematically the opposite of the problem that made the guarantee of
investing successful could pay off all debts. Normally the average person
won't make money since paying the population costs is impossible. If you're
targeting the insane and you put enough money into a not for profit, that is
the exact opposite—a mathematically unlikely event—then I suspect that
something unique will happen. I think that the schizophrenics (who make up
16% of the population in 10 basic kinds) will flip on backwards. I think
that this is the basis of the term "flipping out." This is of such
importance to business that it merits the status of a financial instrument,
if we can do this.

I am willing to discuss the full details. I am not willing to do this on the
list aside from suggestions on how to proceed. If you think that you can do
the work and are willing to try, I will talk about the dangers and my
intuitions on what is needed to succeed. You can contact me by email. If you
leave your phone number, I will call you. I can talk much better than I can

I think that working on my ideas will pay the cost for awhile. No matter
what the ideas are as a reflection of our culture, I am considered the same
human kin selection as Bill. I might be able to assist in halting some of
the evil that we have unleashed to make the poor interested in digital.

I voted for Barak Obama and I hope that it does something meaningful for
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