[sf-perl] Porting to Windows and writing a GUI? (ugh)

David Ljung Madison pm.org at daveola.com
Wed Mar 19 17:07:45 PDT 2008

I have a shareware script that I've mostly ported to Windows
via CygWin (and ActivePerl, at one point).

I wanted to write/get a GUI front-end to call the script
(and maybe an installer as well) so I can make it a little
more user-friendly for the non-perl users out there.

I don't really do Windows myself, so I might just hire
someone to make the front-end (whether in perl or not),
but it occurred to me that someone may have already solved
this problem in the general sense.

It would be snifty, it seems to me, if there was a GUI
that could call a script and could be customized for
some of the command-line flags, or, even better, could
perhaps read them from the script itself.

Any suggestions?

And if not - any thoughts on where I could hire someone
for a small job like this?

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