[sf-perl] Q: arbitrary diffs and SVN::Notify::HTML

greg lee coleman [1482] gregc at cnet.com
Tue Jun 24 16:46:42 PDT 2008

(purrhaps this should be titled paging David Wheeler since i thought he was on 
this list...)

i'm wondering if SVN::Notify or any other package can do diffs in HTML --with 
just a simple diff of 2 scalars, eg.

	my $diff = diff_these_things( $a, $b )
where $a and $b are scalars (optimal), or filehandles ( less optimal) or files 
(even further from the point). 

i'm looking for a quick way to get HTML diffs of 2 arbitrary files (ie. they are 
not in rcs,cvs or svn).  I'd love to leverage the beauty of SVN::Notify::HTML

thanks in advance!


Gregory  Coleman   Adv. Search Technologies, CNET Networks, Inc.

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