[sf-perl] When/where was uppercase EQ, NE, etc ok?

yary not.com at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 12:48:50 PDT 2008

I recently fixed up an old site being migrated from a WinNT box to a Win2003
server with Perl 5.10.

The issue causing most pages to fail were pages that used 'EQ' and 'NE'
instead of 'eq' and 'ne' for string comparisons.

The original programmer is unavailable, and I don't have access to the old
system, so I can't be sure if it worked on the old system, or if the
original coder ran it through a processor, or if it was just a typo during a
mass edit that went undetected... just curious, so asking here-

Was there a flavor/edition/version of perl >=4 that allowed uppercase string
comparison operators? This is in vanilla "pl" files, no templating, no
source filters- in fact there are no "use"s or BEGINs or even packages.
Which makes me suspect that perhaps it was originally written with perl
v4... I started on perl4 but my memory of those days are a bit hazy. Just
the unsightly single-quote package specifier!
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