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Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Mon Jun 16 20:49:11 PDT 2008

At 17:25 -0700 6/16/08, frosty wrote:
> What is a WAVEScape, what does it have to do with Perl, and why
> should we work for your company for free?
> Seriously, the message doesn't make much of a pitch.  So it's an
> interactive sandwich board, or what?
> Also, it would be great if you could be more specific (and less
> urgent) in subject lines on future solicitation mails.

All fair questions.  It doesn't have anything in particular to do
with Perl.  However, as a long-term member of SFPUG, I've made a
number of friends, so I thought of this group as a possible source
of volunteer testers.  I've played with the system myself and I do
think it's fun and interesting.  Anyone who thinks it won't be fun
should take a pass on the trial.

I didn't make much of a sales pitch because (a) I'm a techie, not
a salesperson and (b) I wasn't sure how much exposure Chuck wants
the volunteers to have.  That said, WAVEscape is an interactive
advertising device (sort of like a video game or kiosk) that can
interact with users up to 15' feet away, using 3D sensing.  If you
want to see one in action, cruise over to http://www.reactrix.com.

Finally, I apologize for retaining the subject line.  It simply
didn't occur to me to change it.

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