[sf-perl] Design help needed with DELETE check box loop

frosty biztos at mac.com
Tue Feb 26 12:56:15 PST 2008

Ken, this list is not your personal help desk.  Most of us, newbies and experts alike, have busy lives and contribute to the list as time allows.  If you need on-demand application design services, there are people you can hire to do that for you.

It sounds like you're trying to figure out how to write a simple Web application in Perl.  This is not only possible, it's quite practical; much of the Web is built on Perl and there are many ways to go about it.

For starters, you should read about Perl's CGI module:


You will also need to talk to your database if you want to bulk-delete anything, and for that you will need the Perl DBI, or something higher-level that uses it:


At this point it gets more complicated, since you will have to know a bit about databases in order for anything to work.  You (or your sysadmin) may need to install the DBI module and the drivers for your system.

As you move forward, you should consider working with a framework that does some of the work for you, like HTML::Mason or Catalyst MVC.



Catalyst in particular may be a good choice for a beginner as it really does a *lot* of the work for you.

I also recommend reading a good introductory Perl book, like "Learning Perl" from O'Reilly:


Once you have read that book and poked around a little, you will be able to ask more specific questions from this list and also on perlmonks, which is another great place to get help:


Good luck.

-- frosty

On Tuesday, February 26, 2008, at 12:28PM, "ken uhl" <kenuhl at berkeley.edu> wrote:
>Is anyone listening?
>I am looking for a tutor to help me understand how things work.
>If you are an expert, do you remember the time when you were a newbie
>and you got all the help you needed to understand how to design and 
>write that
>Well, I am a newbie, and I am trying to write a complex program and I 
>need some
>help.  I have posted to several forums I am not getting the level of 
>instruction I need to
>I am working with DNS-DB application.  We want to do BULK deletes from 
>data base.
>So, an html table renders a list of database entries along with a 
>checkbox.   We want to
>click the checkbox , then render a confirmation page with a 'do you 
>really want to
>delete? ' message and then click a GO button.
>Is this even possible in perl?
>It seems that I can make checkboxes with unique names for each data record.
>How do I pass all the info to the confirmation page?     
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