[sf-perl] Design help needed with DELETE check box loop

Garth Webb garth.webb at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 12:55:26 PST 2008

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 12:01 PM, ken uhl <kenuhl at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Is anyone listening?
>  I am looking for a tutor to help me understand how things work.
>  If you are an expert, do you remember the time when you were a newbie
>  and you got all the help you needed to understand how to design and
>  write that
>  application?

When I was a newbie, I read a books on Perl and found examples on the
the web.  I experimented with my own code and when I ran into a
problem that I couldn't solve on my own (or by searching mailing list
archives for people with similar problems) I posted the code I tried,
and asked specific questions about what my program was doing wrong.  I
never yelled at a list if I didn't get an answer in a day;  I figured
that I had not phrased my question correctly, or that nobody on the
list had a good answer.  I realized that everyone reads and responds
in their spare time.

Everything you have asked about is entirely possible to do in Perl and
people do these things every day.  However the way you have asked the
question (and lacking any code) the only way anyone could answer would
be to write the application for you.  Nobody is going to write your
application for you, and you won't get any help unless you've shown
that you've at least done some basic investigation on your own.

Michael Friedman recently posted some good links and books for people
new to Perl.


I would suggest checking these out first and experimenting on your own
with what you learn.  If you have specific questions with Perl
examples you can include, I'm sure you'll get a more satisfactory
response from the list.

Garth Webb

>  Well, I am a newbie, and I am trying to write a complex program and I
>  need some
>  help.  I have posted to several forums I am not getting the level of
>  instruction I need to
>  understand.
>  I am working with DNS-DB application.  We want to do BULK deletes from
>  data base.
>  So, an html table renders a list of database entries along with a
>  checkbox.   We want to
>  click the checkbox , then render a confirmation page with a 'do you
>  really want to
>  delete? ' message and then click a GO button.
>  Is this even possible in perl?
>  It seems that I can make checkboxes with unique names for each data record.
>  How do I pass all the info to the confirmation page?
>  Ken
>  Berkeley
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