[sf-perl] Perl consultant seeking shared office space in SOMA/SF/Berkeley

Jonathan Swartz swartz at pobox.com
Wed Aug 20 11:07:23 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm a Perl/mod_perl/etc. consultant, working solely on remote  
contracts (for now) and recently moved to the east bay. Working at  
home isn't a full-time option - I'm happiest and most productive in a  
comfortable shared office environment with other independents or small  

So I'm wondering if any of you know of an office space available to  

* <= $450 monthly rent
* SOMA, downtown SF, or Berkeley area - bikable or BARTable from  
Berkeley/Albany, with some walkability for lunch etc.
* friendly and responsible office mates
* somewhat attractive space (not a white-walled box)
* shared printer, fridge, microwave etc. a plus

My office needs are modest - a permanent desk (or a place for one), a  
little shelf space, and the freedom to make occasional cell calls.  
I'll be in the office about 3 days a week during normal business  
hours. I'm conscientious and quiet and a good lunch companion. :)

I'm aware of some of the organized coworking spaces (e.g. http://coworking.pbwiki.com/SanFranciscoCoworking) 
, if you can recommend for or against those, let me know. But I'd like  
to hear about all options, and besides, sharing with other Perl  
developers would be a plus!

Thanks for any leads, and looking forward to meeting some of you at  
the next PM meeting, whenever that will be!


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