[sf-perl] Does anybody on this list host with Hurricane Electric?

Daniel Lo woof at danlo.com
Tue Apr 29 07:09:10 PDT 2008

Hello Dave,

        I was wondering if you modified some of the code to display the source
directory it thought was the source directory.  Does the code below display a
"full" path? or a relative path?  I am thinking that it may be showing a
relative directory.  But not one that you are thinking is the right one.  IE

You are not allowed to write to the directory ./src

when you are in


Monday, April 28, 2008, 7:00:34 PM, you wrote:

> The reason that I'm asking is that I'm pulling my hair out trying to
> install Crypt::OpenPGP, through the CPAN shell, in my local space and
> I'm getting the error that I don't have write permission to the source
> directory. I've set my path to my local directory physically so I know
> that's been done. I've asked over on PerlMonks and tried to the best of
> my ability, since I work under windows, what was suggested to no avail.

> This was the advice given:

> Older versions of ExtUtils::AutoInstall
> <http://search.cpan.org/search?mode=module&query=ExtUtils%3A%3AAutoInstall>
> had the following snippet of code

> sub _can_write {
>     my $path = shift;
>     mkdir ($path, 0755) unless -e $path;

>     require Config;
>     return 1 if -w $path and -w $Config::Config{sitelib};

>     print << ".";
> *** You are not allowed to write to the directory '$path';
>     the installation may fail due to insufficient permissions.
> .
>     # ...

> while newer versions just test for -w $path, i.e.

> sub _can_write {
>     my $path = shift;
>     mkdir ($path, 0755) unless -e $path;

>     return 1 if -w $path;

>     # ...
> <http://www.perlmonks.org/?abspart=1;displaytype=displaycode;node_id=680406;part=3>
> In other words, if $path isn't the problem, it could still be
> $Config::Config{sitelib}  (...something the error message doesn't say).

> Now I'm not entirely sure, but I suspect Config.pm might not be taking
> into account that you've told your CPAN shell to install to some other
> local directory...

> Anyhow, I would just try installing the current version of
> ExtUtils::AutoInstall
> <http://search.cpan.org/search?mode=module&query=ExtUtils%3A%3AAutoInstall>
> into some local directory (and set PERL5LIB appropriately, or some
> such), and see if that works then. (If it doesn't - for some other
> reason - you could also copy the original (5.8.0)
> ExtUtils/AutoInstall.pm to some local directory, and edit the respective
> line to no longer test for Config{sitelib}.)

> I tried to re-install ExtUtils::AutoInstall in to my local directory but
> I'm getting stung when it's grabbing the associated modules saying that
> I don't have write permission in the sources directory.

> Hurricane has been less than helpful in trying to get this resolved.
> I've got an open ticket that hasn't been responded to in at least two
> weeks so that's why I'm turning here.

> Sorry if this is long but I've been fighting this for a while and
> getting nowhere.

> Anybody here use them as a host and had problems installing modules
> locally? If so, how did you solve it?\

> Thanks!

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