[sf-perl] Dinner meetings

yary not.com at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 10:23:00 PDT 2008

On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 7:07 PM, Joe Brenner <doom at kzsu.stanford.edu> wrote:
>  > That's a yummy spot as well. (So is the restaurant named "Yum" in the
>  > Sunset. Places with "yum" or a variation are a good bet...)
>  But do you think it can deal with a largeish crowd, if need be?
>  (I like Tan Tham II -- a Vietnamese place next door to Yum Yum --
>  but I think it would be a squeeze, and they're both around the same
>  size.)

Yum Yum is a bit narrow- probably not good for a large turnout, unless
there's a room in the back I don't know about.

>  > Joe said:...
>  After posting, I remembered that Yary is perhaps the only person I know
>  of that doesn't really like the place.
>  Raven and I have been there recently, and still think it's good.

I could be thinking of the wrong restaurant, and even if I'm not, I'd
rather have Indian food than Chinese/Japanese (I've never had Indian
food I didn't like!)

>  > There are some very good Indian restaurants around there. I'd
>  > recommend a quick search of reviews to find a nice big delicious spot.
>  None of the ones I know would accomodate 12-24 folks without sweat.

I can think of a couple, but while trying to re-discover their names
(just know by general location) came up with another interesting idea-
Golden Era http://www.goldeneravegetarian.com/ It is large, 3.5 blocks
from Powell BART, and all vegetarian- meat-eaters like myself find it
quite good too.

>  > (Off list Joe emailed me saying he had is eye on eggettes as well...)
>  In general, I think the Glenn Park neighborhood is jumping, and I
>  wouldn't be surprised if one of Yary's picks would work well (the
>  places I've actually been to though, would be too small). It might
>  not seem very San Francisco, but it is right on Bart.

There aren't any restaurants with large extra rooms in the back. Some
are largish in their main room. They are all about as close to the
BART station as possible... I have only been to two SFPUG meetings and
need to see a few more before recommending any place with confidence
they can hold us.

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