[sf-perl] Dinner meetings

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Sat Apr 19 19:07:34 PDT 2008

yary <not.com at gmail.com> wrote:
> Chris Weyl <cweyl at alumni.drew.edu> wrote:

> > What about yum-yum house?  It's not huge, but extremely tasty and very
> > flexible with the use of "fake meat".  At 17th/valencia, about 2
> > blocks from the 16th St BART station...
> That's a yummy spot as well. (So is the restaurant named "Yum" in the
> Sunset. Places with "yum" or a variation are a good bet...)

But do you think it can deal with a largeish crowd, if need be?
(I like Tan Tham II -- a Vietnamese place next door to Yum Yum --
but I think it would be a squeeze, and they're both around the same

> Joe said:
> >Well, you're right that this is a tough one, but I would suggest
> >"Naan-N-Curry" at 336 O'Farrell Street, between Mason and Taylor.
> I'm not sure if Naan-N-Curry lives up to its former days.

After posting, I remembered that Yary is perhaps the only person I know
of that doesn't really like the place.

Raven and I have been there recently, and still think it's good.

> There are some very good Indian restaurants around there. I'd
> recommend a quick search of reviews to find a nice big delicious spot.

None of the ones I know would accomodate 12-24 folks without sweat.

> (Off list Joe emailed me saying he had is eye on eggettes as well...)

In general, I think the Glenn Park neighborhood is jumping, and I
wouldn't be surprised if one of Yary's picks would work well (the
places I've actually been to though, would be too small). It might
not seem very San Francisco, but it is right on Bart.

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