[sf-perl] Do You Twitter?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Sat Sep 22 18:30:27 PDT 2007

>>>>> "Duane" == Duane Obrien <duane.obrien at gmail.com> writes:

Duane> I succeed, completely and absolutely, at being annoyed at the bevy of
Duane> people who think that the world is genuinely interested in the fact
Duane> that they drank pulpy orange juice this morning rather than non-pulpy.

Are you also astounded to find that there *are* people who are genuinely
interested in that sort of detail about someone else?  Because I find that my
microblog followers do indeed appreciate as many comments a day as I can

Maybe that wouldn't be you.  Sounds like it wouldn't.  Good thing there
are different strokes for different folks.

Duane> That's somewhat of an oversimplification.  But only somewhat.  And I
Duane> dislike the not-so-gradually growing notion that being a private
Duane> person is somehow unacceptable to the world at large.

No, there are public people and private people.  I started out a very private
person.  And now as I get older and more crotchety... I find being a public
person perfectly acceptable.  So I blog (perl at use.perl, non-perl at
vox.com, microblog at jaiku and tumblr), and put (nearly) every picture in my
life on Flickr, and plan on doing so for quite a long time.

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