[sf-perl] Do You Twitter?

Duane Obrien duane.obrien at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 14:30:26 PDT 2007

> Do you never read a book or see a movie you might want to recommend? Try a
> new restaurant? Visit an interesting location? Do you have no opinions you
> might want to share with friends or co-workers? Is there nothing in your
> life outside of "work" and "private"?

I fail, ultimately and catastrophically, to see what wrong with that.
There's nothing wrong with not wanting to tell the world what's going
on in your life.

I succeed, completely and absolutely, at being annoyed at the bevy of
people who think that the world is genuinely interested in the fact
that they drank pulpy orange juice this morning rather than non-pulpy.

That's somewhat of an oversimplification.  But only somewhat.  And I
dislike the not-so-gradually growing notion that being a private
person is somehow unacceptable to the world at large.

Unless it's about perl.  All perl knowledge should be shared with the
world.  Not that I really think that, I just thought I'd try to bring
it back on topic.  I think what we really need is a service like
twitter or jaiku that only perl people can use, and the only things
posted to it are one line descriptions of what their problem was when
they were debugging.

"bad shebang"
"too much recursion"
"stupid periods"
"scraper banned for violating T&C"
"explosive decompression"
"too much hash"

THAT would be entertaining.  And it would make the world a better place.

Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.

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