[sf-perl] Lightning time

Quinn Weaver quinn at fairpath.com
Fri Oct 5 12:33:04 PDT 2007

And now on to more interesting topics.

A few weeks ago, we brainstormed lightning talk ideas.  Lots of good ideas
were thrown around.  We quickly generated enough to justify a meeting, if we
go through with most of them.  Very cool.

Now it's time to plan the details.

Potential dates are 

    October 23  (two weeks from next Tuesday)
    November 27 (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving)

Potential speakers are listed below, with topics.

If you are one of the listed speakers, please reply to me and let me
know 1) which topics, if any, you want to go through with and 2) which
date you prefer.  If you prefer one but you can manage the other,
please say that too.  (To reduce noise, please reply off-list; I'll post
an update when I've heard from all speakers.)

If you want to do a talk but you haven't spoken up yet, now's the time!
Same deal applies:  please send me 1) topics and 2) preferred date.

Potential speakers and topics, so far:

Fred:       Short version of one of his Perl talks (TBD)
Joe:        New Features in Perl 5.10
Joe:        "What was I *thinking*?!" [engineering temptations to avoid]
Quinn*:     Why Object::InsideOut is my new favorite module
Quinn*:     What I learned from trying "test first"
Quinn*:     (Iff time allows, heh) time management tips and traps
Tatsuhiko:  Web::Scraper

I am ready to commit to all three of my topics, for five minutes each.
(However, I'll defer if we run short on time.)  I can do either date.

Thanks!  This should be awesome.  I [heart] lightning talks. :)

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