[sf-perl] Start your engines

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Sun Nov 18 09:25:42 PST 2007

My plan is to do a handful of one-minute (more or less :-) talks
on "interesting technologies on which I am by no means an expert".
Quinn has consented to this, so my (current) set of slides is at:


My topics include:

  Capistrano    application deployment system

  Erlang        parallel programming language

  Git           source code management system

  HAML          HTML templating system

  jQuery        JavaScript library / toolkit / DSL

A few of these (Capistrano, Git, jQuery) can used with Perl;
others are mostly here for mind-stretching, etc.

Anyway, I'd be pleased if some other folks would contribute
"sparks" (much too small to be called "lightning talks" :-).

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