[sf-perl] (Git) PeepCode & Pizza, Tuesday 12/4

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Thu Nov 15 21:40:45 PST 2007

       Free Food!  Free Movies!  Free Software!

Come watch the newly released PeepCode screencast on Git,
Linus Torvalds' distributed source-code management system.

The plan is to munch on pizza, then watch a PeepCode video,
with occasional pauses for questions, etc.  Reactrix uses
Git extensively, so we can answer _some_ questions.  We're
also hoping that some helpful wizards may show up...

This inaugural PeepCode & Pizza gathering is made possible
by the generosity of PeepCode and Reactrix Systems.  The
meeting will be held at the Reactrix offices in Redwood City
from 6-9 pm on Tuesday, December 4.

About Git

Git is a distributed source-code management system, written
by Linus Torvalds and used since 2005 on the Linux kernel.
In his fun, opinionated Tech Talk, Linus explains why fast,
reliable, and (most of all) distributed SCM systems rock:


Additional information on Git can be found at:


About PeepCode and Reactrix Systems

PeepCode (http://peepcode.com) produces economical, well-
produced screencasts on technical topics (e.g., Capistrano,
Git, httperf, Prototype.js, Rails, RJS, rSpec, TextMate).

Reactrix develops and supports video-based interactive
advertising devices.  Generally, these are placed in malls,
theaters, etc.  We use a variety of Open Source technologies,
including C++, Capistrano, Git, Linux, OpenGL, Perl, Rails,
and Ruby.  Yes, we're hiring!



  Tuesday, December 4, 2007

  6p - 7p   chat, munch pizza, etc.
            Reactrix demo machines will be available.

  7p - 9p   watch a PeepCode screencast, with pauses
            for questions, discussion, etc.

  9p - ??   retire (perhaps) to a local pub

NOTE:  RSVPs (rdm at cfcl.com) are greatly appreciated; help
       us to know how much pizza (and what kind) to order!


  Reactrix Systems, Inc.       650-980-2700
  301 Chesapeake Drive
  Redwood City, CA

  Map:         http://tinyurl.com/27b22y
  Directions:  http://www.reactrix.com/driving_directions.php

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http://www.cfcl.com/rdm/resume     rdm at cfcl.com
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Technical editing and writing, programming, and web development

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