[sf-perl] IDEs and/or Editors

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Thu Feb 22 18:20:36 PST 2007

On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Joe Brenner wrote:
> Michael Friedman <friedman at highwire.stanford.edu> wrote:
> perltidy essentially performs the same job as the emacs/cperl-mode
> indent features.
>> To me, integrated perltidy support is a Required Feature of any Perl IDE.
> I don't think the need is as great in the emacs world, but there
> are methods of doing anything like this you might imagine...

I've been using the perltidy macro in Perlnow and have been really happy 
with it - http://obsidianrook.com/perlnow/emacs_as_perl_ide.html#perltidy
(note shameless plug of Joe's emacs ide, which I've been quite happy with)

One other killer feature I've found that I can't live without is 
auto-complete.  There's a vim autocomplete feature in the vim scripts 
archive, but I've been in emacs mode lately and managed to hack in 
autocomplete (well, more like hack in someone else's solution to my .emacs 
file :) ) - http://use.perl.org/~Phred/journal/32324

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