[sf-perl] IDEs and/or Editors

Dave Turner dave at wrightpopcorn.com
Thu Feb 22 16:04:58 PST 2007

The time I really find it useful is when I've got mismatched parens,
brackets or curly braces. Then they're much easier to track down as
Context highlights pairs.

Other than that I could give a rip about highlighted syntax.

David Alban wrote:
> [with all due respect to those who like syntax highlighting]
> I once stopped using speed dialing because it made me forget the phone
> numbers eventually.  I wonder if using syntax highlighting can make
> you less effective eventually if you have to use an editor that
> doesn't have it...
> I personally don't like syntax highlighting (but not for the reason
> above).  I find the flashing changing colors annoying and distracting.
>  I wonder if I'm in the minority...
> On 2/22/07, Dave Turner <dave at wrightpopcorn.com> wrote:
>>  In addition to being free, it has syntax highlighters for numerous
>> languages.
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