[sf-perl] LinuxWorld Expo

Quinn Weaver quinn at fairpath.com
Mon Aug 6 14:14:37 PDT 2007

Hi, Joe (and group),

Thanks for all the info and observations.  You are truly a rockstar
volunteer. :)

Here are my thoughts, in approximate order from least to most useless:

- Meetings:  August 22, BASS munch http://www.cfcl.com/rdm/bass/
             September 25, Mike Schilli will speak on log4perl (probably at BGI)

- Other Perl materials:  I have some books for people to peruse:

  Learning Perl
  Web Services with Perl
  Programming the Perl DBI
  Higher-Order Perl

  I know there's a chance they'll get lost, but I can live with that (after all,
  I do have a Safari subscription ;) ).

  I'll get these to Josh on Tuesday if possible.

- Banners:  Great idea.  It sounds as if you have an idea, so go for it!

- Banner text.  No slogan necessary.  Just identifying ourselves is fine.
 "San Francisco Perl Mongers" (or just "Perl Mongers") takes up plenty
 of space as it is.

- Hi-res logo print-out:  Probably not doable at this point.  Sorry.

- Shirts:  I'm probably going to wear my Perl Monks T-shirt.  I guess you can
  write "Perl Mongers" on your badge (if they don't print it there).

- Space:  I can't really visualize the space you're describing,
  but using the small table sounds good.  We can put some materials there,
  and maybe a banner.  I'll want to actually sit with the pg people,
  because they're interesting to talk to. :)

- Demo:  Is Josh providing a spare box, or is Brian bringing a laptop?  What
  I'm curious to know is whether there is a single box that will be there
  throughout the event.  Not a big deal.

OK, there are quite a few moving parts here, but none are essential.
The biggest thing is to have some literature and a banner that are
identifiably ours.

Actually, that's really the second most important thing.  The most
important is we have intelligent, friendly people to show up and talk
with people about Perl.  In this case, 85% of the thing really is showing
up.  In that vein, you're doing a spectacular job. :)

Quinn Weaver, independent contractor  |  President, San Francisco Perl Mongers
http://fairpath.com/quinn/resume/     |  http://sf.pm.org/

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