[sf-perl] LinuxWorld Expo

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Mon Aug 6 13:36:49 PDT 2007

I was wondering if anyone (Quinn?) had any schemes about what to do
with the space we're splitting with the Postgresql folks this year...

We could just go incognito as honorary Postgresql people, but then
they'd force us to wear blue t-shirts.

I was looking over the scene yesterday, and I can describe the physical
layout if anyone's interested -- the PostgreSQL booth is way over in the
back right corner (Josh has some strange paranoid theory about
IBM/Oracle sponsorship), but that has the odd advantage of putting an
isle on two sides, the space is more open than most.  The way we set it
up yesterday, we moved the skinny table sideways, so there's no barrier
between booth and audience.  Josh has a small projection unit to make it
eaisier to do demos of different things, and is open to suggestions,
particularly for perl/postgres project demos (Brian Hamlin says he's got
one he can show off: a google maps "mashup" with a graphical control
panel, showing neighborhood features in Boston).

Between screen space, and the humongous postgresql elephant banner,
the back wall is largely filled up (though rearrangement is possible
if someone had a perl mongers banner to put up).

The "end cap" of the table is entirely open: two feet wide,
and around four feet tall.  That strikes me as a logical place
to put some perlish stuff.

I might be able to do some little xeroxed sf-perl mongers flyers.
I'm toying with the idea of doing quarter sheet handbills (4.25 x 5.5),
Probably a classic camel (from 1989) with a little bit of text added:


Does sf-pm have anything like a catchy slogan?  I'm looking for
something a little better than things like:

   The *Other* SFPUG.

   sf-pm: slightly less obnoxious than Tom Christiansen

Is there an meeting planned for August?  Might be cool if we could
mention that sort of thing.

Brian Hamlin mentions he's got access to a high-res printer at Berkeley:
if someone's got a vector graphic they'd like converted into a banner,
you could shoot him a note over at bh1 at light42.com

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