[sf-perl] Quick question on regular expression and substitution

Loo, Peter # PHX Peter.Loo at source.wolterskluwer.com
Wed Jun 28 10:29:27 PDT 2006

I think I am going to have to leave it like this now that I got it
working.  Here is what I did:

  sub sub_createInsert($$) {
    print STDERR "\n***** sub_createInsert() *****\n\n";
    my ($tblName, $columnsref) = @_;
    my ($sqlString, $delimCols, $bindVars, $column, @cols, @temp, $cnt);
    $cnt = 0;
    foreach $column (@{$columnsref}) {
      $timestamp[$cnt] = $cnt if ("@{$column}[1]" =~ m/timestamp/i);
      $date[$cnt] = $cnt if ("@{$column}[1]" =~ m/date/i);
      push (@cols, @{$column}[0]);
    $delimCols = join(', ', @cols);
    $bindVars = join ', ', ('?') x @{$columnsref};
    @temp = split(/,/, $bindVars);
    for (my $i=1; $i<=$cnt; $i++) {
      if ($timestamp[$i]) {
        $temp[$i] = "to_date(?, 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MM:SS')";
      elsif ($date[$i]) {
        $temp[$i] = "to_date(?)";
    $bindVars = join(', ', @temp);
    $sqlString = "insert into " . $tblName . " (" . $delimCols . ")
values" . " (" . $bindVars . ")";
    print STDERR "RETURNING SQL STRING: $sqlString\n\n";
    } #<=== (End of sub_createInsert) 



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It might be cleaner to split the string into an array, edit it, and join
it back together.

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