[sf-perl] Upcoming meetings

Josh Berkus josh at agliodbs.com
Sun Jan 8 20:23:17 PST 2006


> - On February 22 Matisse Enzer and Joe Brenner will speak on Perl
> IDEs:  why they are sorely needed and how they can speed up
> development.  Matisse will focus on Eclipse, Joe on Emacs and
> perlnow.el.  We'll probably have food for this meeting.

I would be happy to do a little stumping for my favorite Perl IDE, 
Komodo.  However, I will be flying back from Japan (JPUG) at that point, 
so I'll have to defer.  Can I solicit ActiveState to send someone?

> - I need lightning talks!  I've been saving up topics for an all-
> lightning-talk event.  A lightning talk is a five-minute-or-less spiel
> on any topic of interest.  If you have an idea that you'd like
> to present in a quick and easy format, email me.  I'll make a note
> of it.

I can do: spam engine in 15 lines, or a table copier between different 
database platforms.

> CodeCon is http://codecon.com/ .  You can see details about my O'Reilly and
> CodeCon talks at my quickie company homepage, http://fairpath.com/ .

That's codecon.org.


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