[sf-perl] Linuxworld on Tuesday

George Woolley george at metaart.org
Thu Aug 10 12:43:14 PDT 2006

George Woolley of Oakland.pm here.

== LinuxWorld Outing
Anyone interested is welcome to join us --
and especially people from SanFrancisco.pm.

If you are thinking of coming to the Outing,
the following notes (extracted from a post to our mailing list)
may be useful:
   (1) If you haven't already, I suggest signing up now
         so you won't forget and so you won't have to pay to get in.
   (2) The O'Reilly booth is #928 this year.
   (3) Tentative Exhibits List to Visit: 

== Andy Lester Talk 
It sounds like an interesting talk.
Any of you who are on the Oakland.pm list,
are welcome to post pointing out 
that the evening of the Outing
Andy Lester is giving his talk.
Giving some details such as time, location,
who to RSVP to 
would be good too.

Also, if you aren't on the list,
you could send me something 
including an explicit request 
that it be forwarded to the list.

If you come to the Outing,
you are also welcome to bring up the subject
and encourage people to go to the talk.

On Thursday 10 August 2006 11:04, Joseph Brenner wrote:
> I just thought I'd mention that the Oakland PM guys have a
> little gathering going at the Linuxworld Expo on Tuesday
> afternoon that we might like to crash:
>   http://www.metaart.org/opug/
>   Next Scheduled Event
>     * type event: outing.
>     * to: LinuxWorld Expo.
>     * when: 2pm-??, Tuesday, August 15th, 2006.
>     * where: Moscone Center, San Francisco.
>     * activities:
>           o meet at the O'Reilly booth at 2pm.
>           o miscellaneous discussion.
>           o wander around the exhibits,
>             but not necessarily all in one group.
>           o ...
>     * who: open to anyone interested.
>     * how much: We collect no fee for our events/meetings. You
>       should be able to get into LinuxWorld for free if you sign
>       up early for exhibits only.
>     * RSVP: is helpful but is not required.
> (And similarly, since those guys are going to be on this side of
> the bay on Tuesday, we ought to make sure they know about the
> Andy Lester talk...)
> And by the way, if this new IDG policy irritates you as much as
> it does me, you might be inspired to complain:
>   Age Policy
>   LinuxWorld Conference & Expo is open to business professionals
>   only.  No one under 18 years of age will be admitted.
> To email the Show Director, Public Relations Manager and three
> Marketing folks, you can use these addresses:
>   melinda_kendall at idg.com,
>   charlotte_mccormack at idg.com,
>   lisa-jean_clifford at idg.com,
>   briana_pontremoli at idg.com,
>   jordan_casey at idg.com
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