[sf-perl] _Ruby_ Beer & Pizza SIG; 8 pm, 10/26, San Francisco, CA, USA

Quinn Weaver qw at sf.pm.org
Fri Oct 14 18:34:40 PDT 2005

On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 06:17:39PM -0700, Rich Morin wrote:
> Due to Quinn's efforts, SFPUG has little need of the Beer & Pizza SIG
> these days.  So, I'm loaning it out to the ba-rb (Bay Area Ruby) folks.
> It will occur on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  Pasquales stays
> on the "A" list, but the _South Beach Cafe_ is the upcoming venue.

Cool.  For November I don't have a talk, so we should have a munch
then.  (That will be the week of Thanksgiving.)

In the meantime, it appears we may have some SF PostgreSQL Users Group
people at the Six Apart meeting (October 25).  That should liven things
up even further.  (MT works with PostgreSQL as well as other backends.
TypePad, Six Apart's hosted service, runs exclusively on PostgreSQL.)

Anyway, thanks for the announcement.  I especially like this part:

> Note: Ruby appeals to a broad spectrum of programmers.  Your dinner
> companions may speak any of a variety of languages, including C++,
> Perl, PHP, Python, Scheme, and Smalltalk.  At the same time, they
> may well be struggling to learn about Rails, Ruby, SQL, etc.  So,
> expect diversity...

Yay for language ecumenicalism!  I think it's catching on.  I mean,
even PM.org is usig Mailman (written in Python) these days, because,
frankly, it's way better than Majordomo.  Besides, soon we'll be able
to write any language in Perl 6, right? ;)

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