[sf-perl] _Ruby_ Beer & Pizza SIG; 8 pm, 10/26, San Francisco, CA, USA

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Fri Oct 14 18:17:39 PDT 2005

Due to Quinn's efforts, SFPUG has little need of the Beer & Pizza SIG
these days.  So, I'm loaning it out to the ba-rb (Bay Area Ruby) folks.
It will occur on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  Pasquales stays
on the "A" list, but the _South Beach Cafe_ is the upcoming venue.


In the spirit of Bay Area Debian's "SHOTGUN RULES FOR BAD MEETINGS"
(http://bad.debian.net/shotgun_rules.txt), I am calling yet another
meeting of the Bay Area Ruby Beer & Pizza SIG.  No program; just a
way for folks to get together and chat about Ruby, Rails, etc.

Note: Ruby appeals to a broad spectrum of programmers.  Your dinner
companions may speak any of a variety of languages, including C++,
Perl, PHP, Python, Scheme, and Smalltalk.  At the same time, they
may well be struggling to learn about Rails, Ruby, SQL, etc.  So,
expect diversity...

At the last meeting, several folks brought laptops.  Given that the
upcoming venue has free wifi, this seems even more appropriate!  In
fact, the restaurant has promised to provide a power outlet near the
table, so if anyone can bring a largish LCD monitor, let me know!

Beer and Pizza SIG

        RSVP:     An RSVP would be appreciated, so that I can tell
                  the restaurant folks what to expect.  OTOH, feel
                  free to just show up and look for a sign. :)

        Date:     Tuesday, October 26, 2005

        Time:     8:00 p.m.

        Place:    South Beach Cafe, 800 The Embarcadero
                  (just past the end of Townsend, at King)
                  San Francisco, California, USA


        Food:     Cafe, Italian Trattoria, Pizzeria; free wifi

        Parking:  Unless there's a monster baseball game, parking should
                  be no problem after 6 pm.

        BART:     Be prepared for a bit of a crowd, as this is the end of
        the prime commute time. Get off at the Embarcadero station. Within
        the station, exit BART, enter MUNI, and catch the N (inbound).
        Get off at the train station.

        Caltrain: (Don't take Caltrain if you can avoid it. Trains run back
        at 10:00 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. only!)

        From the train station, walk Northeast on King to the restaurant.


P.S.  The Delancey Street Restaurant is nearby and also worth considering
       for a special (read, nice but slightly pricy) venue.
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