[sf-perl] Can I rant, rave, and delurk for a moment?

Duane Obrien duane.obrien at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 15:22:17 PST 2005

> But that's irrelevant. Duane could probably have done the job quickly
> using J2[SE]E and JSP, if he were already a Java guy (maybe he is, I
> dunno). What's relevant is that source code is a way to communicate with
> people, and when in Rome, you should at least try to speak Italian.

But see, that's the thing.  I'm not in Rome, or at least I didn't
think I was.  I don't get to work with perl all the time, but I do it
enough that I get all the perl and perl-friendly work in my immediate
area, and some from the darker corners of the company as well.  So
it's not like perl has been flatly rejected from a policy standpoint
or anything.  And maybe that's what I don't understand.  It's more
like living in Rome, and going in to work and suddenly your boss (or
in this case, your boss's boss's boss) suddenly speaks Esperanto.

I guess the other part I left out of this is that the solution has a 2
month life expectancy, at which point it would be replaced with a
properly customized app (the one there now, it just confuses people be
being helpful).


"Nobody wants to be drawn as a carrot when they're bleeding."

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