[sf-perl] Re: *** Special meeting this Tuesday ***

Joseph Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Sat Apr 2 14:34:48 PST 2005

Andy Lester <andy at petdance.com> wrote:

> Quinn Weaver (qw at sf.pm.org) wrote:

> > Some of you will remember Andy from OSCON.  He's done a number of
> > presentations on automated testing, software engineering in the large,
> > and the practical human elements of making software.  Very sensibly
> > guy, no BS, good head on his shoulders.  The topic is likely to come
> > from these areas of expertise.

> What topics would people like to see covered?  I can talk about a lot of
> stuff:
> * Automated testing, both in the large and Perl-specific, and on the web

That's what I'd vote for.

> * How to get hired: Effective job resume-ing, cover lettering and
> interviewing.

Though this is evidentally what I really need help with these days...
but I'll try and get by with your on-line slides.

> Those are the biggies, but I've talked about a lot of stuff.  I have a
> list of talks I've given and articles I've written at
> http://petdance.com/resume/.  I welcome your requests.

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