[San-Diego-pm] Special Meeting Tonight!

Greg grasberry at razcon.com
Fri Apr 22 10:24:02 PDT 2016

Bob, thanks for the good meeting last night. I look forward to the next 
Here is the requested list of discussion topics on my wish list:
   mod_perl etc. options for supporting larger numbers of users on perl 
based web sites (hosted and otherwise).
   Par Packer / Perl2exe / Active State Perl Dev Kit and other options 
for deploying single file solutions to end users.

Thanks again.

On 4/21/2016 11:46 AM, Bob Kleemann wrote:
> San Diego Perl Mongers,
> Tonight is our normal monthly meeting.  We'll be meeting at our normal 
> place and time, the Ansir Innovation Center on Convoy, at 7 PM.  We're 
> still going to discuss whatever questions, ideas, and events are of 
> interest to the group, but we will also discuss what people want for 
> future meetings.
> At the moment, I'm thinking about changing the frequency of meetings 
> from monthly to semi-annually, or when there is a special reason 
> (guest speaker, presentation, etc).  That would still provide 
> newcomers an opportunity to meet some folks from the Perl community, 
> and the rest of the time the various questions, ideas, and events 
> could be discussed here on the mailing list.
> Of course this is all up to you folks: what do you want from the 
> group, and what can be done to facilitate it?
> I look forward to the discussion tonight, and online!
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