[San-Diego-pm] jobs available, going unfulfilled

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Thu Sep 23 14:15:05 PDT 2010

>>>>> "Manuel" == Manuel S <manuel at themusiczone.net> writes:

Manuel> I work in San Diego for DrJays.com and we are actively looking
Manuel> for mid/senior level Perl developers to work on our ERP
Manuel> system. </shameless_plug> When I took 'Intro to Computer
Manuel> Programming' they were teaching Perl. Now, it seems, Java is the
Manuel> common place language to teach for introduction and students are
Manuel> going out into the working world with this under their belt.

See... and that's what's confusing me.  I see people say they need jobs
so badly they moved *out* of SD, and then you come along and say "we
need people".

So it must also be that the skillsets are wrong, or a mismatch in
pay-for-experience.  Any thoughts on that?

Or is it just that recruiters aren't speaking in areas that potential
recruits are listening?

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