[San-Diego-pm] Damian is coming to town!

Chris Radcliff chris_radcliff at mac.com
Tue Sep 11 12:08:08 PDT 2007

Either day is fine with me. For the topic, I'm partial to "Fun with  
Dead Languages" or "Sex and Violence", but I'll show up regardless.

Let me know when a time and place are set and I'll add it to Eventful.


On Sep 11, 2007, at 11:50 AM, Bob Kleemann wrote:

> Hey Mongers,
> As a continuation of last night's discussion, I'd like to get the  
> opinoin of
> the list on what they would like to see.
> Damian Conway is coming to town next month.  He's offered to host  
> one of his
> great seminars for us on either October 3 or 4.  So the questions I  
> have for
> the list is, what day works best for you, and what seminar are you  
> interested
> in.  The list of available seminars is here:
> http://damian.conway.org/Seminars/
> Damian's suggestions include:
>     "Sex and Violence: Social and Technical Lessons from the Perl 6  
> Project",
>     "Fun with Dead Languages",
>     "Extreme Perl - The Horror That Is SelfGOL",
>     and "Quantom::Superpositions".
> At the meeting there was also some discussion around "The Da Vinci  
> Codebase".
> So take a look at what is available, and what time you have  
> available, and
> let us know.

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