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Chris Grau chris at chrisgrau.com
Wed Jan 3 13:08:59 PST 2007

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 08:45:46PM -0800, Joel Fentin wrote:
> If anybody wants to manage the SDPM website, I'd be happy to pass it
> along. This is not an ultimatum. I will continue to do what little I
> do if nobody else wants to.

I'd like to work on the web site.  I think it'd be fun.

> Originally I volunteered for this gig as a way of teaching myself
> perl.  It helped.
> Future changes if I keep it:
> + Sometime soon I will add a bulletin board such that if anybody knows
> of an event he/she can post it. Any submission will be moderated as is
> all other public input. This suggestion came from Chris who perhaps
> would like to do this.
> + I intend to add captcha. The number of Russians trying to become
> members is on the rise. Not a big problem yet - just an irritant. A
> WHOIS lookup shows that much of this comes from one source.

That's a good idea.  Alternatively, we could simply charge a web site
subscription fee. ;)

> ========
> BTW: Interesting idea. Display captcha without a graphic:
> http://www.omgili.com/captcha.php
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