[San-Diego-pm] Meeting today (Monday, March 13th, 2006)

Tony Foiani tkil at scrye.com
Mon Mar 13 00:54:32 PST 2006

[Since our fearless lizard is off on a "womantic jouwney" to celebrate
his 1st wedding anniversary, your slightly more fearful lizard is
filling in...]

Just a reminder that we have a meeting this evening at the usual place
and the usual time:

   Panera Breads (in the Edwards Cenema shopping center, SW corner of
   Mira Mesa and I-15.  don't forget they have free wi-fi!)

   7:00p (Although many of us have been showing up at 6:30 to grab a
   bite to eat before the meeting.)

If nobody else has any other topics, I've run across two things that
might make for interesting conversation:

1. Sudoku solving in Perl


     And the spring 2006 edition of "The Perl Review".  Which I didn't
     even know existed, although at least one big name (brian d foy)
     is writing for it.  Huh.

     Reading about those solutions also got me sidetracked into the
     world of dancing links, algorithm x, and "exact cover"
     problems.  Eeek.


2. "inside-out" objects

     (no content until apr 1st, although I first noticed this based on
     a seminar that he gave for my company, so...)

     Hm.  Appears to be that article.  :-/


Any other topics?  Questions always welcome.

See you this evening!


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