[San-Diego-pm] question

Charles Abney cabney at ucsd.edu
Thu Feb 9 10:47:22 PST 2006

Joel Fentin wrote:
> On Windows XP:
> In order to not continuously shuffle shebangs, when working with a perl 
> script on personal server and on-line, I renamed the perl directory: 
> usr. That works. One shebang fits all - here and on-line.
> Of course if I shell out to DOS and type: perl temp.pl I run into 
> trouble. However this works: c:\usr\bin\perl temp.pl
> Does anybody know where the path alias is stored or know of a more 
> graceful way of dealing with this.

IIRC, you can look at your path in the shell typing

	echo %PATH%

or something.  I don't recall where or how to modify the default.


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