[San-Diego-pm] Finding GD.pm

Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Wed Aug 2 11:19:40 PDT 2006

Douglas Wilson wrote:
> Joel Fentin wrote:
>> Much of the above is Greek to me. I have only used Windows and before 
>> that DOS. GD is installed in my computer and working. I need it on a 
>> server.
>> 1. Are you saying that I should download the tar/GZ and then upload it 
>> to the server via ftp?
> Is the server Unix/Linux, or is it Windows (ActiveState perl)?
> If it is Windows, then I would get the ppd package from ActiveState.
> But otherwise, yes, download the tar/gz and upload it to the server.
>> 2. Are you saying I should run these programs on the server?
>> perl Makefile.PL
>> make
>> make test
>> make install
>> 3. None of these programs mention GD. Is there something automatic 
>> about GD?
> This is the "normal" install process that most people not on Windows
> go through (note: I'm not going to get into CPAN.pm and CPANPLUS.pm for
> now which are basically shortcuts for the above if you know how to use
> them).
> After you unpack the tar/gz file, you cd to the directory, where there
> should be a Makefile.PL file, and then you run the above commands.
> If GD has other dependencies, then it should complain during
> "perl Makefile.PL" and you'll have to repeat the download/install
> process for any other modules that need to be installed first.
> HTH,
> Doug
Doug, You didn't quite address my questions.

When you say "unpack the tar/gz file", do you mean I ftp them to the 
server first and unpack them there? Which of the 4 commands you 
mentioned is the one that unpacks it?

When you say "...where there should be a Makefile.PL file...", do you 
mean to say that I should ftp Makefile.PL up to the server?

Remember, I have no direct access to anything perl on the server. Only 
htdocs and cgi-bin. My idea is to get this into cgi-bin or a 
subdirectory thereof.

Again, since none of the 4 commands mention GD, is there something 
automatic about GD so that its presence is known?

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