[San-Diego-pm] In town soon... evening meeting (social/present) 19 to 21 Apr?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Thu Mar 31 11:57:55 PST 2005

>>>>> "Gerry" == Gerry Deckert <gerry_deckert at yahoo.com> writes:

Gerry>    I'd be interested in whatever is arranged, social or otherwise.  If
Gerry> it helps, I could probably reserve the main auditorium at The Burnham
Gerry> Institute (burnham.org) one of those evenings for a presentation, which
Gerry> seats ~100 and has a microphone and projector.  If the talk is web- or
Gerry> database-related I can probably drum up some interest among the members
Gerry> of the San Diego Bioinformatics Forum (http://www.sdbioinfo.org).

I'd prefer tuesday in particular (works best for my plans), and yes,
CGI::Prototype is definitely about the web.  I could also add my
shorter presentation on Class::Prototyped to make a full two-hour
lecture if you wish.

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