[San-Diego-pm] Phalanx Project

David Romano david.romano at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 16:43:52 PST 2005

On 12/19/05, Chris Grau <chris at chrisgrau.com> wrote:
> This project looks interesting.  I don't have a particular module in
> mind.  How do we go about this?
>From what I understand, we contact the author for a particular module
that we want to help out with.  Using the "ContactAuthor" template
provided on the Phalanx project kwiki[http://phalanx.kwiki.org/], we
can contact the author to see if they are interested.
>From there, we can get the source in the Phalanx subversion
repository, and start submitting patches and tests for the module.
Subscribing to perl-qa at perl.org is also probably a really good idea (I
subscribed a week or so ago). I was thinking of possibly starting out
with a small (yet pertinent) module just to get used to the procedure
and to feel like we're actually getting somewhere. The last couple of
days I'm leaning toward Mail::Sendmail. Want me to start the ball
rolling and contact the author for M::S?


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