[San-Diego-pm] Meeting Notes: Monday 2005-08-08

Emile Aben emileaben at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 14:36:33 PDT 2005

One Ajax-implementation I have been wanting to toy around with is:

I know this is integrated in the whole Catalyst framework (that I've
also wanted to play around with), interesting article on that here:

Another one is:

(i think it's the one Joel posted before)


On 8/9/05, Tkil <tkil at scrye.com> wrote:
> >>>>> "Emile" == Emile Aben <emileaben at gmail.com> writes:
> Emile> One think I promised to do was to provide some info on how to
> Emile> get to the SDSC building for Damian's talk.
> Thanks for the info!
> Is there any interest (or point) in carpooling?  Bob and I will be
> coming down from north county inland, but we'll probably be in two
> cars anyway.  I'll be going home to O.B., and Bob over to the SDSU
> area, so it might make more sense to offer people rides back, if they
> want to take transit to get there, or get dropped off.
> One topic that I missed in my writeup was AJAX, following-on from
> Joel's post to the list a week or two back.  Emile, you mentioned two
> different projects that were working to provide a cross-browser API
> for DHTML / AJAX.  Could you post a bit about those?  Name and URL
> would be fine, but if you know more, a paragraph or two would be
> great.
> AJAX led us to talk about Google Maps, which got me off on a tangent
> about their unfortunate choice of map projection -- which seems
> necessary for their tiling system to work, but distorts pretty badly
> even within the contiguous USA, let alone further north.
> Huh.  Now that I'm investigating it, I don't see the distortion at
> all.  I wonder if I'm misremembering, or whether they got a lot more
> smarts imported with the satellite imagery and the "hybrid" view mode.
> Ok, nevermind.  But I'll still try to remember to bring _An Atlas of
> Map Projections_ with me to Damian's talk, so that Joel can take a
> look at it.
> Thanks,
> t.

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