[San-Diego-pm] Meeting Notes: Monday 2005-08-08

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Tue Aug 9 12:15:50 PDT 2005

>>>>> "Emile" == Emile Aben <emileaben at gmail.com> writes:

Emile> One think I promised to do was to provide some info on how to
Emile> get to the SDSC building for Damian's talk.

Thanks for the info!

Is there any interest (or point) in carpooling?  Bob and I will be
coming down from north county inland, but we'll probably be in two
cars anyway.  I'll be going home to O.B., and Bob over to the SDSU
area, so it might make more sense to offer people rides back, if they
want to take transit to get there, or get dropped off.

One topic that I missed in my writeup was AJAX, following-on from
Joel's post to the list a week or two back.  Emile, you mentioned two
different projects that were working to provide a cross-browser API
for DHTML / AJAX.  Could you post a bit about those?  Name and URL
would be fine, but if you know more, a paragraph or two would be

AJAX led us to talk about Google Maps, which got me off on a tangent
about their unfortunate choice of map projection -- which seems
necessary for their tiling system to work, but distorts pretty badly
even within the contiguous USA, let alone further north.

Huh.  Now that I'm investigating it, I don't see the distortion at
all.  I wonder if I'm misremembering, or whether they got a lot more
smarts imported with the satellite imagery and the "hybrid" view mode.
Ok, nevermind.  But I'll still try to remember to bring _An Atlas of
Map Projections_ with me to Damian's talk, so that Joel can take a
look at it.


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