[San-diego-pm] Programming Language Popularity

Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Fri Jun 18 23:25:46 CDT 2004

Emile Aben wrote:

> Hi Joel,
> While these statistics maybe give a rough ranking of
> language popularity, I think they use a very crude
> method.

Even so, I found them interesting.

* I haven't heard of ProLog in years, yet it's in the top 20. I always 
thought of it as a one company language to support their PCBs.

* C# is the only M$ dot net language even mentioned. Although the notes 
at the bottom says that all basic languages have been clumped. I wish 
they weren't.

* VB, which is no longer supported, is still rising.

* Java is going down.

* Python seems to be the main rising star.

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