[San-diego-pm] Programming Language Popularity (was:You might find this interesting)

Emile Aben emileaben at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 18 13:33:57 CDT 2004

Hi Joel,

While these statistics maybe give a rough ranking of
language popularity, I think they use a very crude
method. They just measure the amount of Google-hits.
There are many scenario's thinkable where this is not
the same as the popularity of a programming language,
for instance If the learning curve for a language is
very steep, or if the documentation is not very good
this will increase the relative amount of Google-hits
for a language because people will relatively ask a
lot more questions about the language on the Internet.

A similar thing has been discussed in Perlmonks a
while ago:
Some wise comments where given there.

An another statistics-page using the same crude method
for OS popularity can be found here:


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