cardinal golf

Tkil tkil-sdpm at
Mon Feb 9 17:23:32 CST 2004

>>>>> "Charles" == C Abney <cabney at> writes:

Charles> hmm, could one construct a set of golf rules favoring
Charles> performance over brevity?  Would it still be golf?

Well, the "golf" aspect of this challenge was somewhat artificial; the
actual challenge was to write the smallest chunk of code that could
correctly generate ordinal suffixes for the natural numbers.

One could modify the rules so that execution time efficiency were
figured in, perhaps even including memory footprint efficiency.  The
weighting of these different factors is up to you, however.

Not sure I care enough to indulge in this, though.  :)

You can see what happens when one tries to benchmark various different
styles of solutions, even to "toy" problems like this:

Regarding how to measure a combination of attributes (efficiency,
cleverness, smallness, etc), consider this metric developed primarily
for visual hacks:


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