Tkil tkil-sdpm at scrye.com
Mon Apr 26 13:52:48 CDT 2004


All in a quest for for a shorter way to say:

   my $re = do { my $tmp = EXPR; qr/$tmp/ };

>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Stewart <alan.g.stewart at navy.mil> writes:

Alan> how about:

Alan> 	my $re = qr/@{[join '|', @days]}/;

Alan> from the Perl Cookbook on how to interpolate code, do anything
Alan> you want inside the @{[ ]}

Heh.  I was looking for syntactic sugar, not syntactic sliced onions.  :)

I started a thread on perlmonks regarding this question, and there has
been some good discussion.  (And yes, the interpolate trick was
mentioned -- the only thing I'd add is a "scalar" call, as that's the
context I'd most likely want the expression in, not a list to get
squished with $".)  If anyone is curious:


Thanks for the feedback here, too.

I've basically decided that /e is a bit too cute.  What I really want
is the ability to apply qr// to any expression, not just a double-
quoted (or regex-double-quoted) expression.  In the same way that the
functionality of \Q and \E is available outside double-quotes as
quotemeta, I would like qr to be available without double-quoting.

On the other paw, there are a fleet of workarounds, so it's not a big


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